The Fall's Profit (deloreanflux88) wrote in offensive_shit,
The Fall's Profit

Wastes of Life

I was walking down Mass Ave today when some asshole gets in my way.
Him: "Hi I work for the Christian Science church.."
Me: "I'm sorry to hear that."
Him (must not have heard me): "Do you want to donate money? It's for kids with AIDS."
Me: "No, fuck those kids, and fuck you!"
He just looked at me like I destroyed his soul. It ruled. They looked homeless anyways, so I honestly didn't believe that's where that money would go. Even if they were being honest, fuck those kids.
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hahahaha yes.
Couldn't you just grind them up into fresh ground chuck and then pasteurize the meat with radiation to kill the aids?

Why would I hand them money?